Cricket’s new stocking

I have 3 tiny animals who will be getting homemade stockings this year with their faces on them. The easiest by far was Cricket, the cats have multi colored faces, that will be a fun test of my skills 🙂 but here is how I made a felt stocking with my puppy’s face on it.

1) draw and cut out the shape of the stocking in the size you want. This is about the size of an average sized piece of graph paper. I’ll probably make the top a little wider in the future, I can’t really fit my hand in it.

2) Use your pattern to cut out 2 pieces of felt in the color of your choice.

3) Draw out the face or shape you want on the stocking

4) Using tracing paper, trace out the individual pieces of the face or shape for the different layers.

5) Cut out all the individual pieces from felt and place them onto the stocking to make sure everything will fit and look how you want. I ended up adding a green boarder to the top to make it look a little cuter.

6) Hot glue all the pieces in place, try to avoid the outside edges as having glue there will make it more difficult to sew.

7) Using a blanket stitch or a straight stitch sew around the head with embroidery floss to give it a finished look.

8) Then use a blanket stitch and a contrasting color to sew around the top edges of the stocking. Don’t sew the sides together just give the top a finished look.

9) Hot glue a ribbon near the top of the stocking. I like to put a drop of glue under the ribbon then another over the ribbon then glue the 2 sides together. I think it makes it a little more secure than just glueing one side.

10) Using the same contrasting color, sew the 2 sides of the stocking together with a blanket stitch. It might take more than you would expect, I had to get more thread at least 3 times.

And there you have it! Hang it up and fill it with squicky toys and smelly bones. Or whatever you feel is appropriate, your human loved ones might not appreciate a bone as much as my dog will.
Happy Holidays!


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