Tiny Clay Dragon

April’s train of thought:

I have that new steampunk outfit  –  but my shoulders are kind of bare  –  you know what would be fun! A little bird or something on my shoulder  –  I have that little owl but I don’t have a way to set him on my shoulder  –  I could make something…  –  tell me Pinterest, how do I make a shoulder puppet  –  ooooh dragons are cool…  –  I’ve never worked with clay before, that could be fun  –  oh these tiny little dice dragons are SO CUTE!  –  I should make something out of clay…


I swear, my train of thought doesn’t run on tracks, it just floats through the air and sometimes crashes into things. So now, I have a bunch of clay and mom is going to give me some of her fondant tools, and I have a really obnoxious Pinterest board dedicated to ‘clay pets’ check it out if you are interested. Let’s do this thing!


Thanks to these amazing tutorials that I found on Pinterest I was able to put together my first little clay dragon, and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out 🙂

The video is a little over an hour long, but I would have been totally lost without it. I highly suggest checking it out if you are starting with the clay sculpting thing. This lady really knows her stuff.

For a quick visual I used this tutorial from Deviant Art as a guide for when certain pieces should be attached.


So without further ado, meet Bubbles


He’s based on the dragon in the Pathfinder game I play with some of my friends. He’s undead and bright pink…don’t ask.  But I thought, what better dragon to turn into a tiny little dice dragon that one in the game we place with the dice.


I’ll post more once I make them…I have big plans.


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