Little bit of clay everything

I’ve been working on some different clay projects hoping to come up with something worth trying to sell that isn’t a direct copy off of something someone else has made. So while I’ll still be making some copycat figures and posting the tutorials and websites along with these posts, here are some of my creations.

I was thinking of making several of these little bees, or hot air balloons, bird houses, bee hives and hanging them off little hooks that can be put in a flower pot. He’s also small enough to be a charm.  

Some pendants to wear.

I thought this would make a nice little ornament or something.

A bowl to hold rings and such.

And my bunny bomb. I doodle this little guy on just about any piece of paper I get my hands on, but this is the first time I’ve actually created him out of something.

I’m still working on the mechanics of this but this little owl was made to be a tea bag holder.  


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