Cover Design – Dark Horizon

This is the kind of project that I live for. One of the things we let our authors know during our consultations is that they have the freedom to mix and match text and images on their mockups and this one happened to be a very good candidate for just that. This is the first book in a series and with this cover we were helping establish a brand that would carry over through the rest of the series, so getting the text just right was very important.

The call itself was really fun too. He let me know that he wanted to use the image that is on the first mockup below but was open to ideas for the other two mockups (my favorite thing to hear) but that he liked the ship one one of them that I used in the second mockup. I let him know that I could do something similar to mockup 1 but add in the ship, and use an image of earth that was a little more colorful to go with it as opposed to how blue everything is in mockup 1. He liked the idea of the ship flying away from earth.

My favorite part of the call was when we were trying to come up with an idea for the third mockup. I had been trying to find cool scary looking images of space ships on for DAYS up to this point and about 10 minutes before the call I stumbled upon a whole series of super cool ships. I read off the number of one of the images to the author and told him to select the ‘similar images’ button and the excited ‘WOW’ that I heard was the highlight of my day. He loved the images and asked me to please one of them on the mockups. I was more than happy to make a cool sci fi cover for him and I have a feeling he might go with something like that for one of his future books.

For this book he went with the image that he had chosen on mockup 1 and the text I used on mockup 3. Honestly in this case I could have been happy to move forward with any of them, but I really love how the final cover turned out,  which you can see in the fourth image below.

Alien books will always be my favorite books 🙂

The images used below are low resolution thumbnail images so they aren’t as sharp and clear as they would normally be on a high resolution finished cover as the full cover is below, but I think they will give you a good idea of just how much fun I had with this anyway.

651028_COVER_Mockup1low (1)651028_COVER_Mockup2low651028_COVER_Mockup3lowSKU-000953715_COVER


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