Cover Design – Scenes from the Catastrophe

This was another case of combining my ideas with the author’s lead to something I think we can both be proud of.

In this case he asked for a simple black cover with red text. The book is a collection of short stories and I think he was just thinking along the lines of keeping it simple. Since we were doing 3 mockups and there is only so much you can do with a black background and red text I suggested trying out a couple of images. The first one I had picked can be seen in the second mockup below. The stories are about corruption and basically people breaking down society from within, if I got the general theme right. Originally the title I had been given to work with was Scenes from the Apocalypse. Anyone who knows me knows my slight obsession with the zombie apocalypse as well as general destruction of the human race trying to survive in a apocalyptic world…I’m really not picky about how we get there, I’m a huge Hunger Games fan too and if that isn’t post apocalyptical I don’t know what is. So I thought that image was perfect for this book, it doesn’t look like the city is in ruins but it doesn’t look very hospitable either. You know that traveling down that road isn’t going to take you any where near the Emerald City of Oz.  The final mockup was kind of a combination of the two. Still dark with red text but with more of an image or texture than just a plan black background.

It’s no surprise how excited I was when he chose the second mockup with just a few minor text changes. He left the fonts and colors all the same, just wanted it laid out more like mockup 1. I think it turned out great and you can see the final design in the fourth image. I think it has that perfect feel of not quite horror but gritty and unpleasant for sure. I love it when I can make people happy.

Now if I could just get a cover for a zombie book…




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