Cover Mockups – Customer Karma

This is one of those disappointing cases where I was really proud of the work I did and it was chosen by a board to possibly be sold in bookstores so the mockups had to be approved before the author would even see it. They ended up going with something that was designed by one of the author’s designers instead of one of my mockups. It happens, such is the life of a designer. At least I will always have these to look at 🙂

The first two are very similar to the author’s website, as far as design and colors. For the third one I wanted (and they asked) me to play up the karma aspect of it by having a lotus flower or something on it. Everyone at work loved mockup 3, so even though it will never see a bookshelf at least it is something to be proud of.

It’s always a challenge to fit so much text in such a small space and still make it look good and balanced. This was great practice for future projects where I will need to do something similar, hopefully someday I will be able to use some of these visuals on something else.


customer karma1customer karma2customer karma3


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