Unboxing – BarkBox


So I’ve gotten several different subscription boxes over the last few years but this is the first time I’ve gotten one for the tiny dog. Let’s just say that she was super excited about it, and we are playing with one of the toys right now.

They are also very responsive to their fans. I posted a link to this video on Facebook and since Cricket wasn’t super into the fish bits at the time they offered to send us something else. I let them know that she was just so excited about everything else that she didn’t want them at the time but eats them now and they were super sweet about it.

I currently have a 6 month subscription to BarkBox, but I have a feeling that I will renew once the time is up. Also, they charge you by the month, so it is way less painful to pay by the month than it is to pay a big chunk all at once like other subscription boxes.

Stay tuned for the next video, tiny dog is just so excited.


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