November BarkBox Unboxing

So, I somehow managed to loose the video of Cricket unboxing her BarkBox for November, but you can check it out over on our YouTube channel. It’s adorable, she’s adorable, everything is adorable.

I love subscription boxes, I’ve had several from LootCrate, FanMail Box, Fandom of the Month Club, and I even got my Dad a Nerd Block for his birthday over the summer. I love them, but sometimes things come in them that I’m not crazy about, and often times it’s in the form of paper things that will just end up in the trash. This is usually why I switch around so much, trying to find one that I will love and stick with for a long time. Fandom of the Month club was fun because it was just jewelry and even if I wasn’t a fan of the show or book they were doing that month I still got some cute new jewelry out of it. Eventually a lot of the jewelry started to be kind of similar and I was on a tight budget so I quit that one too.

Okay, enough about me. So this is Cricket’s second BarkBox. I totally forgot that this isn’t her first subscription box either, last December, January, and February my mom and I got Loot Pets to split between our three dogs. I think we still have one or two of the toys laying around and Cricket is still using the Firefly bowl that she got, but other than that we weren’t overly impressed. I thought after watching a couple of videos and reading up on it that I would give BarkBox a chance, and after two months I’m still impressed.

I signed Cricket up for the Small & Cute box, because she is a very small dog, she’s been known to play with toys bigger than her, but I thought for this I would try to stick to her tiny size. In each of the boxes she has received 2 bags of treats, some kind of chew, and 2 toys. The chews are by far her favorite part, she keeps begging me for treats, and she brought this month’s stuffed turkey to bed with her the first night. I would say overall that BarkBox is a hit with her.

Now, I’m not a dog. I don’t like smelly treats, and I grew out of stuffed animals a long time ago… at least playing with them, I still have a lot laying around. What I am most impressed with is that there is nothing useless in the boxes being sold as part of the fun/package. Everything in there is something a dog will want and will play with. I am also super impressed with the customer service. I can’t say enough how much I love their customer service. As I mentioned in my last post, they responded to me on twitter about how Cricket wasn’t totally crazy about the fish bites that had come in her box and offered to replace them if I emailed their team. I didn’t that time, Cricket was just so excited about everything else and she likes the fish bites well enough now. But when we got this month’s box one of the toys was an apron which was more of a canvas kind of toy with ropes on it, and last month the pretzel was kind of the same way. These kind of toys she might play with when she is really wound up but they are never going to be a favorite. I had seen several places where they had responded to complaints on Facebook and Twitter about dogs tearing up their toys too fast that they offer a super chewer box with toys that last longer. I figured if they offer that maybe they would help with Cricket’s dilemma, the poor little thing only likes plushies, she’s not spoiled or anything. lol

That night I emailed their team, and before I had even woken up the next morning they responded with something along the lines of ‘we don’t currently offer a option to only receive plushie toys in our boxes however if you aren’t fully satisfied with what does come in your box we will happily send you something else, and please feel free to donate any toys to a local shelter. We will be sending you a new toy to replace the apron soon.’ I didn’t actually ask for a new toy, I was just asking about options and they offered and sent one right away, I got the notification it had shipped like the next day. I’m also a sucker for people who suggest donating to animal shelters, I like animals okay :).  Not only do they respond to their subscribers, offer solutions, but they also follow through. I wish I didn’t have to be so impressed with that, but I am, and because of it I have one happy little dog.

So thank you BarkBox and to all of you enjoy this video of Cricket getting her new plush toy…she is asking for some of her treats right now so I have to go.


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