Two Weeks Notice Review

For the record I have seen Two Weeks Notice before, I remember liking it, and I feel like I watched it several times in a short amount of time, whether that was because I kept putting it in or if it was on TV I can’t remember. I have an odd habit of rewatching movies marathon style when they are on TV, I think I watched all of the Jurassic Park moves and Back to the Future movies at least 5 times each over the course of a couple of weeks because I kept seeing them on TV. I can’t turn away from dinosaurs and time travel, I just can’t!

WARNING!!!! Spoilers ahead! 

I own the hotel, and I live there. My life is very much like Monopoly. – George Wade


So basically Two Weeks Notice is your paint by numbers romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock as Lucy, awkward, pretty, educated but not really successful, lawyer, activist. It’s so 90’s that it actually hurts a little that it was made in 2002. George Wade, played by Hugh Grant is your rich, successful, playboy, with no dreams of his on and wants to sleep with every woman who walks past him.

Honestly, I’ve never been a big Sandra Bullock fan, so I didn’t really connect with her. I like her in The Proposal where she plays a horrible closed off person really well, but as the cute, awkward, leading lady I just can’t get into it. She isn’t bad by any means, but not someone I can see myself in, and what point is there in a romantic comedy if you can’t see yourself in the main characters. It’s why they are usually a little 2-dimensional right? Hugh Grant plays Hugh Grant, awkwardly charming and mumbles every other line. Usually I do find him charming, Music and Lyrics and Love Actually are ranked among some of my favorite movies. I think the real problem here for me was that I just didn’t believe their romance. She kind of decides she likes him out of nowhere. I’m used to the Boy meets Girl, boy and girl hate each other, something happens, boy and girl realize they love each other after all, scenario. I’m obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, this story line is my bread and butter, I just didn’t believe it here.  Like I said, it felt a little paint by number to me.


I laughed out loud once. I know there were a lot of moments where it was supposed to be funny, but I honestly only laughed at the monopoly line. It was cute and delivered in a way only Hugh Grant can. I think they kept getting close to something that could have been good, but then dropped the ball halfway through. Like when Lucy realizes that the only way to get out is to get fired and she starts acting like Wade so he will fire her. It’s only one small scene and she’s really awkward about it. It would have been hilarious if they really went for it, she can get away with anything and he is a total idiot who can’t function on his own and has no filter, they could have had a lot of fun with that.  I would have LOVED a montage of that! But instead it’s once scene that doesn’t really go anywhere and suddenly leads into her realizing that she kind of likes this guy who basically ruined her life. All of them seemed like that. I think there could have been something funny when they were all playing tennis but I just kind of got bored, like Lucy did eating that random little girl’s cookies. Also potty humor isn’t really my thing, so the really long drawn out scene with the camper reminded me why I don’t watch this movie very often. It was too long and I don’t really see how it furthered the plot much. Maybe there was one little moment between them or something, I don’t know, I was too distracted by trying to figure out why he was driving her car.

Even their motivation for working together is kind of weak. Like they have to keep bringing it up that she is only there to save the community center and he needs her so they can build, whatever it was that they were going to build, I can’t even remember. It seems to be the turning point for everything that happens between them in the movie, bringing them together, causing their fight, bringing them back together, but I kept forgetting about it unless they were talking about it. Again, it’s like they were trying to hit all the clichés but not putting any effort into it.


Even worse than the weak romance were the side characters. The boyfriend that we never see, who I’m convinced was only ever talked about because this is obviously a 90’s movie and every 90’s move girl has to have a boyfriend to break her heart before she can get with the guy she really wants (see also every hallmark Christmas movie). They could have done just about everything in this movie without him, and like the community center thing, I kept forgetting he existed unless they were talking about him. Worse than him even was June. Can you say cliché bad girl? Schmoozing everyone in the office, showing up for the interview without actually having an interview, reading the quote, hitting on her boss, saying something snarky that she knows will upset Lucy, being super manipulative. I might have liked her more if she actually had a character arc, but she just served the purpose of making Lucy jealous, over a guy she doesn’t even like that much.

Is it cold hearted to think that their little romance would have fizzled out before he could have gone and given her his speech at the end? They barely acknowledged that they had anything resembling feelings for each other, I’m pretty sure Lucy was just lonely, and Wade just needed someone to pay attention to him. I think they would have been a little bummed out for a while after parting, but probably would have done just fine on their own. Maybe he just went back to her because he tried to do the right thing (which totally wouldn’t have happened in the real world) and lost everything and needed her to actually take care of him.

Also, long pointless intros are the bane of my existence. Don’t they list all of these names at the end of the movie anyway.


Over all I didn’t hate Two Weeks Notice, it was cute, but I can see why I don’t remember it any better. It hit most of the clichés, had a few giggles, and is a little dated. Not a bad movie by any means, just nothing special for me. I’ll keep it and probably watch it again at some point down the line. I know I have at least one friend who loves this movie so another viewing is a possibility. But as far as being my go-to rom com, that will probably never happen.

I’ll give Two Weeks Notice a 3, I’ll keep it, probably watch it again, but I’ll never be excited about it. Next week come back for my terrible review of 17 Again. I don’t remember IT being terrible, I’m just terrible at this 😉


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