Watching All the Movies!

Fun facts about April:

  1. I’m a collector, I collect lots of things, books, movies, material, craft supplies, Pop characters, old copies of Pride and Prejudice, all things Harry Potter
  2. I have over 200 movies in my collection
  3. I watched Zootopia AGAIN last night, on Netflix…


The best way I can think of to remedy my obsession with rewatching my favorite movies when I have so many to choose from is to make myself watch all of them. I just went though and reorganized them all onto some new shelves and there are several movies that have never been opened. So since my collection is currently in alphabetical order by title and numerical order, I will be watching them all, in order, of how they are on my shelf. I may skip a few, or save some for certain times of the year, like all those stop motion Christmas movies I might just save for next December rather than whenever they fall in the year, and some will be slightly out of order just due to my quirky organization skills. I might even watch all of the versions of Pride and Prejudice that I have all in a row, even though some of them have different titles, that could be fun.


But let’s start at the beginning, for the numbers I have

Two Weeks Notice

17 Again

50 First Dates

101 Dalmations



…my movie tastes get a whole lot weirder, trust me, and I took out some of the really old classics, I wanted to start with something I really like, I might do a classics run once I’m done with everything else.


I’m even going to attempt to rate these movies, with my wonky little system. Sure you can say it’s a simple 5 star rating system, but the definitions are as follows

1 – Why the heck do I even have this movie! Get rid of it now! Did I spend money on this?!

2- So that wasn’t very good, but I’m keeping it, for reasons…I don’t really know what those reasons are, so don’t judge me

3 – That was okay, I might watch it again, or let it gather dust on the shelf, but there is more than one part of it that I like so it’s work keeping

4 – I like that, that’s good stuff, this probably isn’t the first time I’ve watched this either, I’ve also probably lost count of how many times I have watched it

5 – My precious, I like this one, I like this one a lot, I probably talk about this one a lot too

OMG – I LOVE this movie! I collect things from this movie! I’m obsessed with this movie! Don’t touch me, I’m having a lot of feelings right now.


I’m going to try to post a review at least once a week until I get through all of my movies. I think this will be a lot of fun, and once I get going feel free to make suggestions, I might have it on the list, I might go out and get it, or someday I will run out of movies and I’ll need something new to watch.


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