Game of Thrones 1.2 The Kingsroad Review

So granted, I’m jumping into episode 2 right after episode 1, even if you have had to wait a week to read this. I’m still super uncomfortable after that first episode, a little curious, but mostly just weirded out. I’m hoping it gets ‘better.’ Not saying it is bad, it’s interesting to see television go all out, hello HBO, but this is beyond even what I’ve gotten used to. I’m going to have to watch something happy after this I just know it.

On with the show

In a world run by sex and crazy people the only way to respond is by having more sex and being crazier…

That little prince is a jerk, although from what I hear he gets way worse. The little Lady, Arya is crazy but I kind of love her and how feisty she is, and her sister is so annoying. Sweetie, we all know you just want power and the attention of a handsome boy, but he acts so much like a spoiled little Draco Malfoy I don’t know how you can still be attracted to him after talking to him for five minutes.

I guess this episode was at least more watchable than the first, a lot less graphic, still graphic, but you know I only saw boobs once and that one dude’s throat gushing blood, other than that it was just dead people, or the dumb little prince’s arm covered in blood.


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