50 First Dates Review

If I remember right, this movie came out when I was in college. I think it was one of the few movies that my friends and I went to see in theaters. We were a bunch of kind of poor college kids who could see free movies on campus once a month, and it is possible that that was how I saw it rather than actually going to the theater, but I can’t remember now. I do know that I enjoyed it, Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are a really good team up. I’m not a fan of every Sandler movie but if it is the two of them I’m more likely to enjoy it, like The Wedding Singer and Blended. I’m not sure if I had switched my major to psychology yet or not when this movie came out but let me tell you, it made my little psychologist’s heart happy even if it isn’t all that accurate. No one said it had to be perfect, just entertaining.

I know I haven’t watched this movie a lot of times, and just thinking about it I can remember those moments that made me a little uncomfortable, which is usually the reason why I don’t rewatch a movie a lot, mostly with Rob Schneider or any time they are making fun of someone. The little romance between them is cute though so I’m excited to watch it again.

On with the show….spoilers ahead

She only sings on days she meets you – Lucy’s Dad

Yep, so the reason I’m not the biggest fan of Adam Sandler movies, like I said before, is that even though the main story is cute most of the side characters are just stereotypes that exits only to be the punchline of a joke. Mainly in this one those stereotypes are the assistant at the zoo, the little brother, and as per usual, Rob Schneider’s character. These three and the near constant potty humor are why I don’t watch this movie often.


Outside of that I really love the relationship between the main characters Lucy and Henry. So, the basic story, if you don’t know, is that Lucy was in a car accident and suffered a major brain injury that makes it so she can’t store short term memories and when she wakes up the next day it’s like her mind is reset to the morning of the accident. Basically she thinks every day is Sunday and her dad’s birthday. Lucky for her she lived with her Dad and brother and not alone so they have newspapers stored from that day, wash her clothes every night (how are they not falling apart after a year?), and rewrap the birthday present she got for her dad. Then every day the three of them basically do the same thing so that she never has to find out that she was in an accident. You know because your hair growing, or your clothes falling apart, or needing gas in your car aren’t noticeable things. This does take place only a year after the accident so I guess it isn’t that much time yet to notice things like wrinkles or anything, but I’m sure that time of the month is a messy week for all involved.


The story basically starts when Henry meets her at some little local restaurant, they hit it off, then go on their merry way. The next day he sees her again and she doesn’t remember him and hijinks ensue. The cute part of their relationship is when he starts getting directly involved in her life, which take a while and a bunch of attempted chance meetings because her dad doesn’t want Henry to hurt her so he tries to keep him away. Seriously the only quote I wrote down from this movie is when the dad tells Henry that she only sings on days she meets him. Anyway, they date for a while, and she keeps a journal and watches a movie and she is able to move on with her life each day instead of everyone lying to her thanks to an idea Henry had. As in everything thing else, she over hears a conversation, freaks out, and decides to cut Henry out of her life so he can move on and she won’t remember it anyway. That part was sad, would have been a little nicer if they didn’t stick to clichés to get there but whatever.


Over all this movie is cute, it has its moments, and I do enjoy most of the moments when the leads are together because I just like watching them, they have great chemistry together. I’ll give this one a 3, I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it as much as I want to, and I really think that mostly comes down to the side character hate. I feel like if they fleshed out the characters more and didn’t just use them as a joke these Sandler movies could be really good, the potential is there.

Only 2 movies left in the numbers category of my movie collection. Come back next week for the first Disney movie review, 101 Dalmatians! The animated version, not the live action *shudder* Nothing like a bunch of cute puppies in a movie to make me happy. See you next time.


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