Game of Thrones 1.4 Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Well that sounds fun doesn’t it? Although it’s been a few weeks for you, for me it is the first day of 2017, I hope the new year is treating you well. So since my last title prediction was totally off and Snow was only kind of in it, and maybe started a couple of things but was hardly the star I’m going to attempt to predict it again and see how very wrong I am. I’m assuming the cripple is the little boy who just woke up, bastard is obviously Snow, and since everyone else is broken beyond repair I’m just going to say that the broken things are the rest of this seriously messed up ensemble cast.

On with the show… Spoilers ahead

Well the show is getting more bearable at least. I think it might have a lot to do with it cutting back a lot of the sex, boobs, and violence and is starting to build on what the characters are doing. Not to mention I love the good strong female characters. I hate the queen, she’s a horrible human being, and Sansa is just a teenage brat. But Arya is coming into her own and I love seeing her learn to be a fighter and telling her dad that she doesn’t just want to be some lord’s wife. Daenerys is fantastic, considering how beaten down she was at the beginning she’s now not taking crap from her brother, showing her husband that she is more than just a toy, and the people seem to really like her. I get this odd feeling that she isn’t going to actually have the baby, but I look forward to the ‘mother of all dragons’ thing happening, whatever that means. Also, Lady Stark is everything the queen should be. She just got a whole room full of men to do her bidding by being nice to them, no threats, now shows of power, she even focused more on who her father was rather than her husband and won all of them over. It was awesome.


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