2012 Review

I can compare watching disaster movies to eating a whole bag of Hershey’s chocolate. I know it isn’t good for me, and I know it isn’t the best type of chocolate in the world but by golly it makes me happy so shut up. There is a special place in my heart for movies with epic explosions and basic storylines. If I want deeper apocalyptic dystopian stories I’ll go read the Hunger Games again or go back to watching The Walking Dead, but if I just want to watch the world blow up from the comfort of my couch knowing that, for the most part, everything is okay in the real world (I think the worst explosion around here is when the neighbors set off fireworks for a week straight around the 4th of July). Sometimes these movies get too real and I feel a little betrayed that they sucked me in only to make me cry, but you know what, I don’t own that movie, mean Netflix saying that I would like that one! So, I am going to watch 2012, where everything explodes and there is a happy ending of sorts that somehow came around because AMERICA. We are so full of ourselves, don’t judge me on my popcorn movies okay!


One saving grace in this movie, that adorable kid in China whose brother worked on the arcs yeah he eventually plays Kevin on Supernatural, and I have a weird crush on him and his silly antics at conventions. I love him, he’s awesome. I’m not here to talk about my love for Osric Chau, he’s barely in this movie. Back to the explosions… I mean movie. Anyway, before I chase you all off…

On with the show! …. Warning, spoilers ahead.

“I did all the animation myself. You lure them in with humor. Then you make them think.” – Charlie

Seriously, my notes during these movies are hilarious. You’re missing out by just getting my mostly collected thoughts. I still ramble a lot though these reviews, but my notes, oh boy.


This movie is just an excuse for explosions, crumbling cities, destroyed monuments, and water… lots and lots of water. It’s funny though, at one point I was wishing for Moana level of water special effects. The digital effects in this movie are so 2009, kind of good but super obvious. Not super distracting and the general destruction is still entertaining to watch, it’s not like it’s stop motion or anything, but it’s still obvious special effects. I don’t think they have master that yet anyway so I can’t really complain much.


The ‘we are divorced but because of apocalypse level destruction we will realize we love each other again, and any significant others will die along the way anyway’ trope in these type of movies is getting just a little over done. Wasn’t there something similar in Independence Day? I guess we will find out when I get to it. As far as families go the kid actors in this aren’t the worst, I can usually believe they are actually feeling the emotions they are trying to act out.  The insane number of characters in these Roland Emmerich movies doesn’t leave much room for character development anyway so it doesn’t really matter. Everyone can usually be put into an easy box with some silly quirks, like the little girl always has to have a hat and wear pull ups to bed, or the crazy guy at Yellow Stone has a weird thing for pickles. Speaking of him, if there is ever a day I don’t love Woody Harrelson playing a crazy character it’s because I’m dead. That is straight from my notes. Seriously, Hunger Games, Zombieland, I love this guy.

Basically, if you want explosions, unrealistic awkward vehicles ramping off of broken ground, arcs, helicopters that come out of nowhere and a basic plot, this movie isn’t bad. If you want character development, world building, and plot go look elsewhere, but sometimes we just need a good popcorn movie (although I hate popcorn) to sit back and enjoy for fun without having to put a whole lot of thought into it.


I’ll give 2012 a 4, I do really enjoy it, I’ll watch it whenever it is on tv, I like a lot of the characters, the special effects, basic story line (I remember living through 2012, people actually thought something was going to go down it was hilarious). So yes, I will keep this, watch it again, and probably recommend it to some people who I think will get a kick out of it. If dumb popcorn movies aren’t your thing then steer clear, otherwise sit back and have some fun for a while (just note it takes like 45 minutes for the destruction to start).


That’s it for numbered movies, next I will be watching all of my movies that start with A. I think since I don’t have all of the Marvel movies that I’m just going to watch them as I get to them, which means I’ll be watching them out of order but I really don’t care. I watched all of the Marvel movies in order last year so I think it will be okay. If you really want when I get to the last one I’ll make a list with links to all of them in order, but again, I don’t have all of them so won’t be watching all of them in this run.

Coming soon:


Aladdin and the Return of Jafar

Aladdin and the King of Theves





Atlantis the Lost Empire

August Rush




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