Game of Thrones 1.5 The Wolf and the Lion Review

Are we finally going to have an episode about the Dire Wolves? I really don’t think they have given them much attention beyond being the kids pets, and when the show up it’s kind of a surprise because I keep forgetting about them. Maybe they aren’t supposed to be much more than loyal pets and I’m just expecting more because I thought they were cool. Or maybe they get more attention in the books but since it’s such a large ensemble cast they just can’t give animals the attention that you would be able to give them in a book. Who knows, maybe I’m just tired and reading too much into this.

On with the show…. Spoilers ahead

Sean Bean still isn’t dead, this really much be a record for him.

This might be the first focused episode, it still jumped between storylines but I think it was only the two, the king and Lord Stark and Lady Stark and her sister. That’s a nice change of pace. I do enjoy ensemble shows but there needs to be time taken to tell the stories and you can’t do it if you are telling all of the stories at the same time. I like the Stark’s, the Lady is clever and I think a good person, Lord Stark is all about honor and doing the right thing, Arya is feisty and adorable, and the little lord has a lot of spirit despite his situation. Sansa is still an annoying teenager though. I’m slowly learning names I promise.

How weird is Lady Stark’s sister though?! Seriously, that kid is like 9 years old why are you still nursing him, not to mention he’s kind of crazy, or just so overly spoiled that he will never be able to function like a grown person. Their dungeon was super cool though. Only 3 walls and a giant drop, that would suck during bad weather but I think it would get the job done.

I’m starting to think that Daenerys’ kid will be a better kind than any of the weirdos. The Lannister only care about themselves, that one dude dating the knight is kind of a wimp, anyone else with any form of power is completely insane. Even Daenerys’ brother is nuts. But she seems clever and strong enough to rule, so maybe her kid won’t be nuts. The Starks might be good at it too, although I’m not totally convinced that their oldest would be any good at being a kind and John Snow has his own issues.


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