About April and Cricket

Hello internet!

My name is April. I’m a graphic designer by trade. I used to work at a self publishing company where I designed book covers. Some of my favorite covers have been posted on this site. Not all of them were the version that went to print but I’m proud of them all the same.

I also craft, a lot, it’s how I keep sane. I have lots and lots of scrap fabric in my craft room, a huge box full of yarn, and a bunch of jewelry making stuff. I never know what I’m going to make next, but I’m stubborn enough to try anything once and sometimes I impress myself but what I’m able to create. Or fail to make, but sometimes even my failures are spectacular, just ask Franken-mouse.

I also Cosplay as much as possible. I’ve been Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Dr. Horrible, Poison Ivy, Robin, and soon I will be working on Rapunzel from Tangled. It’s kind of what I do for fun and how I make so many nerdy friends. And I’ve met some amazing people while in costume at conventions and book signings.

As for Cricket, she is a three year old chihuahua thing with floppy ears and a big personality. She’s the clever animal companion to my Disney Princess and I don’t know what I would do without her. She somehow ends up in almost every crafting video I make and in more than one costume of her own. Stay tuned for her crazy adventures as well.


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