Game of Thrones 1.2 The Kingsroad Review

So granted, I’m jumping into episode 2 right after episode 1, even if you have had to wait a week to read this. I’m still super uncomfortable after that first episode, a little curious, but mostly just weirded out. I’m hoping it gets ‘better.’ Not saying it is bad, it’s interesting to see television go all out, hello HBO, but this is beyond even what … Continue reading Game of Thrones 1.2 The Kingsroad Review

Game of Thrones 1.1 Winter is Coming Review

Additional fun facts about April: I’ve never seen Game of Thrones! Technically I watched the first two episodes at a friend’s house last weekend, but we hardly ever see each other so we pretty much talked through the whole thing with her making me pay attention every once in a while. Since it’s been on for so long I have heard things that happen, but … Continue reading Game of Thrones 1.1 Winter is Coming Review

Watching All the Movies!

Fun facts about April: I’m a collector, I collect lots of things, books, movies, material, craft supplies, Pop characters, old copies of Pride and Prejudice, all things Harry Potter I have over 200 movies in my collection I watched Zootopia AGAIN last night, on Netflix…   The best way I can think of to remedy my obsession with rewatching my favorite movies when I have … Continue reading Watching All the Movies!

November BarkBox Unboxing

So, I somehow managed to loose the video of Cricket unboxing her BarkBox for November, but you can check it out over on our YouTube channel. It’s adorable, she’s adorable, everything is adorable. I love subscription boxes, I’ve had several from LootCrate, FanMail Box, Fandom of the Month Club, and I even got my Dad a Nerd Block for his birthday over the summer. I … Continue reading November BarkBox Unboxing