Rey – Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

I’m going a little out of order with my cosplays now, but after I realized I had over 20 I figured it might be okay to jump to my favorites. Also my good friend Alysha took these amazing pictures over the summer and I wanted to show them off. She was practicing with a new camera lens, and I was more than happy to be … Continue reading Rey – Star Wars The Force Awakens Cosplay

My Cosplay Journey – LeakyCon

I think I knew about LeakyCon, an amazing Harry Potter convention, for about a year before I finally got to go. In 2011  the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 came out in theaters and LeakyCon was held opening weekend in Orlando, Florida. That summer I started following anyone and everyone I could find associated with Harry Potter on social media. I know … Continue reading My Cosplay Journey – LeakyCon

Little bit of clay everything

I’ve been working on some different clay projects hoping to come up with something worth trying to sell that isn’t a direct copy off of something someone else has made. So while I’ll still be making some copycat figures and posting the tutorials and websites along with these posts, here are some of my creations. I was thinking of making several of these little bees, … Continue reading Little bit of clay everything